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Start the Year Off Right - Take Salesforce Beyond CRM

Posted By:  Maria Kelley
Friday, January 13, 2017

Salesforce is so much more than just a CRM platform.  It is a complete end-to-end business platform that you can use to run your entire business. Salesforce, along with the AppExchange, has every solution for companies to run all facets of their operation on one integrated system.  Salesforce offers products that extend across your customer’s journey with your business, including: customer service, marketing automation; sales management; community portals, accounting and operati

Highlights from Winter '17

Posted By:  Maria Kelley
Thursday, December 15, 2016

Highlights from Winter ‘17 By now you have probably had time to explore the new Winter '17 release and seen what features you like the most.  Below, we have highlighted some of our favorites. More efficient Lightning Experience navigation Navigation is back on top!  The new Lightning Experience allows more efficient navigation through its newly designed horizontal navigation bar. The menu items are now labeled descriptively instead of the icon only display. An awesome feat

Tips to get better data into Salesforce

Posted By:  Maria Kelley
Friday, December 2, 2016

You are only as good as your data.  Your Salesforce environment can have a great design, but if no one is entering data, all you have is an empty shell.  Ask yourself some questions: 1. Is it easy to enter information? It is very important to make it easy for sales reps to keep their deals and contacts up to date. Every sales rep has a different way of doing this—they might update as they go or choose one day a week to input the status on every deal. Unfortunately, waiting


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