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The Salesforce Optimizer

Posted By:  Maria Kelley
Thursday, April 13, 2017

In the Spring’17 release, Salesforce introduced a new feature that is extremely helpful to admins.  It is called The Optimizer. The Salesforce Optimizer Report is a feature that evaluates your salesforce environment to determine how your company uses certain Salesforce features, then identifies ways that you can improve them. The main focus of The Optimizer is to help determine ways to simplify customizations and drive adoption of features. The report it produces gives

Collaborate with Salesforce Chatter

Posted By:  Maria Kelley
Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Salesforce Chatter is a powerful way to collaborate, share information and streamline your project management. Here are some ways Chatter can help your organization operate more efficiently: 1.     Creates a centralized place for brainstorming - simply post a question to get input from all of your connections 2.     Less email – there is no longer the need to sift through “reply all” emails to see everyone’s reply.  3. 

Sales Cloud or Service Cloud - Which is Best for You?

Posted By:  Maria Kelley
Saturday, March 4, 2017

We live in a connected world and your customers are changing. They are now more social, more mobile, and more educated than ever before. Your customers expect you to know more about them. How are you accomplishing all of this in 2017?  Customers want to be engaged and they want a superior customer experience.  They want you to know and understand them. Your products and your brand are only as good as the service you provide.   Having the right information in


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