IT Recruiting & Staffing

NexGen's IT Staffing and Recruiting team provides IT personnel to organizations in a contract, contract to hire and permanent placement mode.  Having been in this market for over 20 years, we have seen how our competitors "work" with their clients.  These competitors, who are typically large staffing firms, "offer" the following:

  • Inflexible on the terms in which they do business.  They often can't deviate from their standard agreements and make business decisions based upon their best interest, not the client's best interest.  
  • Excessive overhead, which requires these firms to charge a minimum markup on every position in order to meet their profitability.  
  • Inferior screening process which wastes the client's time.  Many of our clients have commented about the lack of quality resumes that they are receiving from these firms. 

NexGen's Staffing Business takes a completely different approach to working with clients.  We offer the following:

  • Flexibility as to the Terms and Conditions of every engagement.   If you need special terms to make a position work for you, let's do it.
  • Reduced Pricing for Contract Positions.  Our clients tell us that we are typically 10% - 20% below our competitors and we have that price advantage because we do not have excessive overhead.  
  • Multiple screenings per candidate before they are presented.  We want to make sure that when we provide you with candidates, we are providing you with candidates that meet the requirement, are priced right and available when you need them.
  • Marketing these positions and companies to the prospects so they better understand the opportunity.


We encourage you to give us a try.  You'll be glad you did.  For more information contact Ray Merkle at