NexGen introduces the Client Support Program (CSP)

Are you taking advantage of all Salesforce has to offer?  Salesforce is a very powerful and useful tool.  However, over time you might begin to realize that you aren’t using it to the full potential.  Ongoing support is key for driving innovation, productivity and long term success.   

Salesforce implementation is only the beginning.   Organizations often realize they need help with Salesforce after they have used it for a while.  Salesforce support is key for driving ongoing innovation, productivity and long term success.  Many companies employ Salesforce Premier Success, but still often find it a challenge to devote internal resources to support Salesforce users and study major enhancements.  NexGen's Client Support Program can be a perfect complement to Salesforce Premier Success or can be used alone to help your company manage Salesforce support needs on an ongoing basis.

NexGen’s Client Support Program designed to help your organization constantly adapt Salesforce to the changing needs of your business.  The program can be used in conjunction with Salesforce Premier Support, or it can be used alone. 

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