Our Partners

RingLead was founded in 2003 by Steve Lehr, a former developer for Postini, the anti-spam technology company that was acquired by Google.  RingLead allows customers to easily identify existing duplicates in their database, as well as prevent the creation of new duplicate records in Salesforce.

NexGen provides implementation and support services. Unlike traditional applications where you need to initially purchase the hardware, operating system, database and application, the Software as a Service (Saas) model, which Salesforce helped define, allows organizations to bypass all of those upfront fees and rent the application on a monthly basis. Additionally, the cost and time to implement a SaaS application is significantly cheaper and faster.


Nuvem is a Certified Partner that specializes in Real-Time Integration and Custom Development with the Platform.  NexGen has decided to partner with them because of their scalable model and their excellent onshore and offshore capabilities.  

B&L (Blat-Lapidot) is a select partner specializing in providing on-site and offshore professional services. B&L's mission is to provide high value and low risk implementation and development services. Located in Israel, B&L provides services to customers and partners worldwide.

The Circuit ( is a Cincinnati based, non-profit organization that is focused on building the regional IT community. Matt Mountain serves on the board of The Circuit, and also facilitates the CIO Circle. See the CIO Circle and IT Job Search Circle pages for more information.