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Get Your Systems Talking
Thursday, May 12, 2016

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Do you find that your business is run by a variety of different systems that don't talk to each other or work together?

NexGen Consultants can integrate your external systems with Salesforce so that all your processes and data flow seamlessly.

Our systems integration solutions ensure that all of your systems transfer critical data and business knowledge seamlessly and accurately.  Simply put, we help you get all of your systems talking to each other and put the data into Salesforce, where it is easy to utilize and report on.  When data can pass from Salesforce to another system and back again, it helps increase communication and efficiency. No more silos, time consuming practices or duplicate data!

Let us help you get your systems talking.  We recently presented a webinar on integrating your accounting system into Salesforce.

Click here to download slides from our recent webinar “Bringing Your Accounting System into Salesforce”

Click here to view the webinar “Bringing Your Accounting System into Salesforce”

To learn more about how NexGen can integrate your current systems with Salesforce, contact Maria Kelley at

Take your Business to the Next Level with NexGen Consultants.


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