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Insurance Carriers that work with independent agents often struggle with allocating resources to the highest producing agents.  Carriers need a system to track their sales pipeline and the quality of submissions by agent.  For example, an agent might send in a lot of submissions but carriers need to see which agents are sending in quality submissions.   NexGen has built the Insurance Carrier Template to address the unique needs of Insurance Carriers to help them build closer relationships with agents and brokers.

Insurance Agents need the ability to manage their book of business effectively while they work through their leads, referrals, and prospects. Managing their clients, tracking commission, and offering new products to existing policy holders is a must as an Agent grows their business. Having the ability to easily track, change, manage and update carriers, policy information, expiration dates, and coverage type for their clients is important while Agents work in a fast paced environment. Agents will spend less time looking for and inputting data as it relates to their prospects and clients with mobile access and Dashboards tracking policies, commission, activities, renewals, opportunities and referrals.

Streamline sales processes to take customers from inquiry to policy and guarantee every renewal. Salesforce gives sales reps, brokers, and agents a 360-degree customer view and insight into customer needs. The result: capture cross-sell opportunities and make them customers for life.

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