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Are Salesforce Data Migrations really that time consuming and hard?

ALL data migrations are time consuming and hard so it is not specific to Salesforce and here is why.  As you extract data out of your CRM or other system, the underlying data structure of that system creates relationships between your data.  Contacts are associated to Companies, Activities are associated to Contacts, etc.  The main issue is that many systems do not extract the data in a clean format.  Ideally, each CRM System would extract data into an Excel Spreadsheet with many tabs so that all Company data is on one tab, Contacts are on a second tab, Activities on a third tab, etc.  Each record on each tab should be linked/associated to other records on other tabs.  Most systems do not output this data like this and thus, it takes a tremendous amount of time to prepare this data so that we can load it and make all of the associations/relationships correct.  While this is a function of your existing CRM or other system not exporting cleanly, it is sometimes perceived that this is a Salesforce issue, when it is not. 


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