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Higher Education

NexGen Consultants can support your team, department and/or institution with implementing, enhancing, deploying, integrating and customizing Salesforce for your higher educational needs. we have supported numerous institutions to help them obtain a unified view and centralized database of applicants, alumni, donors, students, events and more. NexGen is dedicated to helping institutions improve and enrich their processes for inputting, managing and reporting on data in an organized, efficient manner with Salesforce.

At a high level, our team can help and support with the following:

  • Lead/Prospect Engagement & Marketing
  • Advisory
  • Advancement
  • Donor Management & Stewardship
  • Relationships & Affiliations
  • Career Resource Center
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Report, Dashboards & Analytics
  • Student Relationship & Support Services
NexGen is experienced and certified in the Salesforce EDA (Education Data Architecture), Student Advisor Link (SAL), Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Communities and Pardot platform services as well.


NexGen Consultants can support schools as they implement, enhance and deploy the Salesforce platform for their organizational needs. NexGen is dedicated to helping schools with building a centralized database, and solution, to track students, teachers, educators, partners, tasks, events, applications and much more. Additionally, our team can help enable and enrich processes as it relates to inputting, managing and reporting on data by building a robust, mobile ready, and flexible system that can scale as your school continues to grow!

Below is an overview of how our team can help and support with the following:

  • Communications, Engagement & Marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Career Planning & Exchange Programs
  • Relationships, Affiliations & Households
  • Program Management
  • Admissions & Enrollment
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Reports, Dashboards & Analytics
  • Student Support Services
Whether you are a public, private, charter or a school system/district, your organization can utilize the power of the Salesforce platform to improve fundraising efforts, operational efficiencies, communications, admissions and much more!

To learn more, contact Keith Watters at

Salesforce is heavily engaged and invested in supporting nonprofit organizations; the EDA and K-12 data model is strongly recommended and supported by a global community of users while the licenses are provided at no cost. The Power of Us program provides up to ten (10) free licenses to institutions with substantial discounts on additional licenses, products or services from the team. Eligibility guidelines can be found here at


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