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Salesforce FAQs

What is the difference between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud?
What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?
What is Salesforce Service Cloud?
What is the Salesforce AppCloud or Platform Cloud?
What is Salesforce Community Cloud?
What is Salesforce CPQ?
What is Salesforce for Outlook versus Lightning for Outlook and Lightning Sync?
What is the difference between Lightning for Outlook and Lightning Sync?
How do I build workflow processes in Salesforce with multiple workflow rules?
Why is Salesforce so expensive?
What is the difference between the free Salesforce de-duplication tools and the paid tools?
What is Salesforce Pricebooks and Quotes versus Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)?
How do I track Commissions in Salesforce?
What should the client team mix consist of on a Salesforce project?
Why do Salesforce projects take longer than clients expect?
Are Salesforce Data Migrations really that time consuming and hard?
What is a Salesforce Administrator and what should they do?
What is in each Salesforce Release?
Should I buy Salesforce Support from a partner or from Salesforce Premier Success?
Do you provide training for organizations where the Salesforce Adoption is low?
Is there a video overview of Financial Services Cloud?

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Financial Services Cloud FAQs

What is Financial Services Cloud?
Why is data on individuals spread across the account and contact record?
How do I use the Financial Services Cloud Goals object?
How do I associate one person to multiple households/accounts?
How do I bring in Custodian data into Financial Services Cloud?
How is the FSC Data Model different from Sales Cloud?
What are the benefits of the Financial Services Cloud?
How does Financial Services Cloud manage Held Away Assets?
What are the challenges in moving to Financial Services Cloud?
How do I view a demo of Financial Services Cloud?


Lightning FAQs

Why should I switch to Salesforce Lightning?
What are Salesforce Lightning Components?
Is switching to Salesforce Lightning free?
Can I preview Salesforce Lightning in my environment?
What are the main differences between Salesforce Classic and Lightning?


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