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Lightning FAQ

What are the main differences between Salesforce Classic and Lightning?

Aside from the entirely different user interface, here are some of the main features that you get with Lightning that you can’t get with Classic:
  • Assistant – Salesforce’s light version of Einstein Analytics that can remind you of activities you have not done, opportunities that are overdue, and new leads
  • Account Insights/News – Relevant articles from a mix of news sources based on recently reviewed records, accounts, opportunities
  • Paths – Help you walk a prospect from Marketing Qualified to New Customer through an Opportunity Sales Path or from Appointment Requested to Scheduled, Completed, and Reviewed in a custom-built Appointment object.
  • Enhanced Notes – Enable tracking of that fuzzy information that doesn’t fit in a field but is essential in managing and nurturing your relationships
  • Kanban – The old fashioned and fantastic whiteboard of records. See opportunities in each stage and drag and drop them from stage to stage. Expand this use out to custom objects and quickly re-prioritize your leads or move records between tiers.
  • Dashboard 2.0 – Not really a 2.0 but an entirely new way to visualize your reports in one, slick display. New components and the ability to resize them make this a reporting dream. Presentations become a breeze with the ability to expand each component full screen and slide from component to component.
  • Activity Timeline – Gives you the ability to view upcoming and past activities easily, with visual indicators identifying common differences like High Priority, Overdue, Email vs. Task vs. Event.
  • Lightning Pages – Allow you to rearrange your page layout easily with standard, custom, and 3rd party components. Gone are the days of a fixed two column record with related lists on the bottom.
  • Favorites – Enable each person the ability to select records, reports, list views, and dashboards as “Favorites” to find them quicker and stay on top of those that are key to their job.


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