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Wave Analytics for Financial Services Cloud
Posted By:  Maria Kelley
Friday, September 9, 2016

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Investors today are mobile, social and connected and they expect to have a personalized, responsive relationship with their advisor. However, it can be difficult for advisors to get a complete view of one client or a client segment, let alone their entire book of business.  There is so much data available, but managing it can be monumental.  Financial advisors must find a way to respond though, because there is a lot at stake.  It is estimated that there are assets worth about $2 trillion that are ready to be passed on to the next generation.

To answer this call, in March 2016 Salesforce announced its Financial Services Cloud (FSC) for the financial industry. Financial Services Cloud has powerful tools needed to help advisors stay connected with clients in real-time, nurture deeper relationships and take the productivity and business growth to the next level.

Last week, Salesforce announced Wave Analytics for the Financial Services Cloud that contains new tools for specific tasks from Salesforce and independent software vendor (ISVs) partners, along with new design tools to give internal IT departments the ability to customize their own dashboards.

Wave has an 80/20 dashboard that will help advisors focus on high-value clients and the 20% opportunities that generate 80% revenues so they can maximize their time on the most profitable activities. Every change the client makes in their portfolio can be easily captured, as Wave is directly integrated with the Financial Services Cloud. This helps advisors take action at appropriate times.

Perhaps most impactful is Wave’s ability to organize and view clients by financial goals and financial goal progress. Salesforce believes the new view will enable advisors to identify which clients are falling behind on their goals or are experiencing life events that impact their progress, allowing them to provide guidance when it is most needed. It will allow advisors to uncover new client opportunities, more efficiently manage their time and more effectively take action with clients by stitching together data across accounts and institutions into an easy-to-read, easy-to-organize dashboard. Wave will allow them to segment their clients by age group, activity type, investment area and financial goal progress.

Wave is embedded directly into Financial Services Cloud so advisors can create tasks or flag opportunities based on client insights without leaving Salesforce.  The update aims to place client and account data in a behavioral finance context.

Wave will be generally available for the system in the autumn of 2016, says Salesforce, and will come at no additional charge to existing users of the Financial Services Cloud Lightning Enterprise and Unlimited Editions.

Press release - Salesforce Launches Wave for Financial Services Cloud, Putting Insights at Advisors' Fingertips

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