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Collaborate with Salesforce Chatter
Posted By:  Maria Kelley
Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Salesforce Chatter is a powerful way to collaborate, share information and streamline your project management. Here are some ways Chatter can help your organization operate more efficiently:

1.     Creates a centralized place for brainstorming - simply post a question to get input from all of your connections

2.     Less email – there is no longer the need to sift through “reply all” emails to see everyone’s reply. 

3.     Cut down on meetings – it becomes easy to “meet” virtually as a team, at everyone’s individual convenience.

4.     Share files – simply upload the file to Chatter, and the updated version is available for collaborators to access.  You no longer have to worry about attaching large files to emails, or what is the most recent version.

5.     Solve customer problems quickly – often, when a customer has a problem, you need to work with many departments to solve the problem quickly. Chatter provides a method to quickly and easily address these issues and keep the customer happy.

Click HERE for Chatter Best Practices

To find out specifically how your company can benefit from all the features of Chatter, contact NexGen for a consultation.




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