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Highlights from Dreamforce 2016
Posted By:  Maria Kelley
Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Another Dreamforce is in the books, and this year did not disappoint.  Every year at Dreamforce, Salesforce shares the roadmap for the future, announcing new innovations and exciting new products.  Marc Benioff’s keynote address is always inspirational and educational.  This year, Salesforce has provided a resource for you to learn all the details - download an e-book version of Marc's Dreamforce '16 keynote.

Here are the highlights from his speech: 

Be a Customer Trailblazer

Marc emphasized that everyone can be a Customer Trailblazer in their own organization.  He encouraged everyone to use Salesforce as a way to take control of their future.  One example of an inspiring Trailblazer is TJ McElroy who served in the Marines for nearly 12 years, then lost his eyesight. Upon his discharge, TJ needed to find an entirely new career — and he came across Salesforce and became certified. Now, TJ teaches other disabled veterans how they can become Salesforce certified, be their best, and embark on new career journeys for themselves.


Anyone can learn about Salesforce through Trailhead, the interactive learning path that makes learning Salesforce easy. You can follow trails for product knowledge, leadership and management, and even HR and culture to start your path toward being a Customer Trailblazer.


Marc then introduced Einstein — the first comprehensive AI for CRM. Einstein is an integrated set of AI technologies that makes the Salesforce Customer Success Platform smarter and brings AI to Customer Trailblazers everywhere.

Einstein is artificial intelligence for CRM. As you learn more about your customers, you’ll discover deeper insights, more effectively predict outcomes, recommend next actions, and automate tasks. For example, sales leaders can be guided to discover untapped opportunities and exceed customer needs. Service agents can be assisted to deliver proactive service by resolving cases before they happen. Marketers can be advised to create predictive journeys and personalize experiences.


Quip is a complete content creation and management suite, with shared documents, spreadsheets, and tasks in a central place. Less time spent managing email is always a good thing — so Quip lets you communicate with live editing, notifications and comments, and chat, reducing the email in your inbox.


Mobile messaging is how many of us prefer to communicate, yet service organizations aren’t equipped to have conversations on this highly personal channel. With Salesforce LiveMessage (formerly HeyWire), you can transform service communication from transactional to conversational — creating a two-way dialogue that helps agents solve issues faster, on the channel customers love.


Salesforce Lightning was introduced at last year’s Dreamforce.  It is a completely new Salesforce experience, builder, and ecosystem.

Salesforce has released 500+ new Lightning features since its initial release. These features help you build and deploy apps faster, close deals and create quotes seamlessly, and focus your reps on the most important actions. If you haven’t yet switched on Lightning, Marc says now is the perfect time!!

Commerce Cloud

Another new innovation Marc announced is Commerce Cloud, Salesforce’s leading digital commerce platform. It’s a reinvented way to grow through cloud commerce, with predictive merchandising and a seamless customer experience across web, mobile, social, and in-store touchpoints.

When you leverage Commerce Cloud you’ll deliver a smarter multi-touch experience to every omni-channel consumer. It’s all part of the unified customer journey, delivering 1-to-1 shopper experiences wherever your products are sold.

Salesforce1 Mobile App

Newly announced: Make the Salesforce1 Mobile App your own with My Salesforce1, the ability to brand the app to your company’s look and feel. Now you can customize the Salesforce1 Mobile App so that using it feels like an extension of your own company, all while retaining the power of the original app. 

Thunder IoT Cloud

Just think of the billions of data points that can be collected and analyzed from the millions of connected devices, from smartphones to intelligent cars. It’s staggering — and it’s a massive opportunity to connect the entire internet of things to individual customers’ wants and needs. Salesforce connects you to your customers and everything they’re connected to with IoT Cloud, powered by Thunder, the world’s most scalable event processing engine designed to ingest and orchestrate billions of events in real time.

All the data in the world won’t help you if it’s not useful. That’s where IoT Cloud comes in. It helps you understand these billions of interactions in real time, trigger in-the-moment interactions, and get to know your customers better.

Join us for a webinar to hear all the highlights from the entire week:

Highlights of Dreamforce
Tuesday, October 18
11:30 am EDT



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