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NexGen Consultants is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Offprem Technology!
Posted By:  Jean Hogan
Wednesday, May 2, 2018

NexGen Consultants is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Offprem Technology, a dedicated team of Salesforce Marketing Cloud certified consultants. This partnership supports our effort to deliver more options to our clients, specifically to those looking to include Marketing Cloud in their existing deployment.

“Our customers and prospects were asking us to help them implement Marketing Cloud and after evaluating our options with, we decided to partner with a firm instead of building our practice organically. We talked with a number of Marketing Cloud consulting firms and chose Offprem Technology due to their depth of Marketing Cloud knowledge, desire to partner with us, and their location (Indianapolis). We also spoke to many people at Salesforce who highly recommended Offprem and it made our decision very easy”, said Matt Mountain, co-owner of NexGen.

“The Offprem and NexGen business models and philosophies are very similar and we felt that NexGen would be a great partner due to our complementary strengths. Their deep knowledge in the Sales, Service and Financial Services Clouds are skills that we can also leverage across our customer base”, said Greg Purcell, founder of Offprem.

As part of this partnership, both parties will be introducing each other to customers and prospects while working on joint opportunities together.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how NexGen and Offprem can work together to assist your organization!

For more information about Offprem Technology, visit


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