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The Salesforce Optimizer
Posted By:  Maria Kelley
Thursday, April 13, 2017

In the Spring’17 release, Salesforce introduced a new feature that is extremely helpful to admins.  It is called The Optimizer.

The Salesforce Optimizer Report is a feature that evaluates your salesforce environment to determine how your company uses certain Salesforce features, then identifies ways that you can improve them.

The main focus of The Optimizer is to help determine ways to simplify customizations and drive adoption of features. The report it produces gives you concrete recommendations for how you can improve your Salesforce experience. It is important to note that the Optimizer only has access to your metadata, but no customer data.

As time goes on with your Salesforce environment, and as your business processes change, it can be difficult to keep a clean system. The Optimizer report mainly highlights, feature improvements, customization clean up, reducing complexity, driving feature adoption.


In order to run the report, you need to have the following:

  • Supports editions: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited & Developer
  • User Permissions: “Customize Application” & “Modify All Data”.
  • You can run Optimizer for both sandbox & production environments.
  • Email deliverability is to be set as “All Email” (worth to keep in mind for Sandboxes environments).

Running the Report

It is very easy to run the Optimizer report. Simply navigate to the Setup menu and search on the quick search box Optimizer:

Once the analysis is complete you will receive the generated PDF report straight to your inbox. You will find suggestions for Fields, Apex Triggers, Page Layouts, Report Types, Validation Rules, Workflow Rules, Sharing Rules and Administrator Permissions.

Once you get the email and report, run through the recommendations and put together a priority list on how you can ‘optimize’ your salesforce org! NexGen

NexGen Consultants offers a Salesforce Optimization plan to help you get the most out of your Salesforce investment. As part of the plan, NexGen will review and assess your current Salesforce environment and your use of Salesforce.  Then, we will provide specific, actionable recommendations for adapting your environment to better meet your business needs.  

Click here to learn more about the NexGen Optimization Plan.   




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