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Highlights from Winter '17
Posted By:  Maria Kelley
Thursday, December 15, 2016

Highlights from Winter ‘17

By now you have probably had time to explore the new Winter '17 release and seen what features you like the most.  Below, we have highlighted some of our favorites.

More efficient Lightning Experience navigation

Navigation is back on top!  The new Lightning Experience allows more efficient navigation through its newly designed horizontal navigation bar. The menu items are now labeled descriptively instead of the icon only display. An awesome feature of the top navigation is when you hover over the tab name, you get a list of recent object records.


The redesigned App Launcher

You are now able to switch between apps and it allows for easier access of available items and features. You can brand your apps by customizing the color and uploading a logo. An option to include a utility bar and lightning page tabs in the Lightning app is also available. The Lightning App Manager shows connected apps and Salesforce apps, both Classic and Lightning which makes it easier to manage the apps.


Build Reusable, Invocable Processes

This new feature is another push forward for Process Builder. This will allow admins to create one Process and reuse it by invoking it from another Process. It’ll be available in Classic and Lightning editions.


Field-Level Help in Lightning Experience

The field level help feature is a Salesforce Classic favorite. Now, it’s available in Lightning Experience and even made better. Just hover over the info icon next to the field and help can be viewed.


Faster multiple records creation in Lightning Experience

Another new feature in Lightning Experience is the Save & New Button that paves way for user efficiency. You can now create records repeatedly wherever page you are in the app.


Improved usability of the relating a Contact to Multiple Accounts feature

The Contacts to Multiple Accounts feature allows you to easily manage the relationships between people and businesses by: 1) indirectly relating person accounts to business accounts, 2) triggering actions for the Account Contact Relationship object, 3) creating validation rules for the Account Contact Relationship object, and 4) viewing, creating and editing account-contact relationships from Community Builder-based templates. There is also a new functionality called View Relationship action that will help you manage contact record relationships.


Merge duplicate leads in Lightning Experience

In managing huge amount of data, it is very important to have a mechanism to get rid of duplicates. With the newly improved Lightning Experience, you can now find duplicate lead records and resolve them, preventing users from contacting the same lead twice.


Sync Salesforce calendar with Google Calendar™

The hassle of manual data entry of your Google Calendar events into Salesforce is no longer a problem with Lightning Sync since it is compatible with Google Calendar. Work smarter without having to keep events in two different applications. You can now keep track of relevant events on Salesforce records and share event details with other users.


Base Lightning Components

A number of basic UI components have been made available for your Lightning Apps. Now adding things like tooltips, button menus, and loading spinners to your app are as simple as dropping the right tag into your code.


Global picklists are now available in Lightning Experience (and Salesforce Classic)

You can create a global value set of picklist values and use it for new picklist fields on standard or multiple custom objects. This will save a lot of time.


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